A rant about the media.

How do you view yourself? Are you a democrat, Republican, Independent, or one of a hundred other political parties? In todays world, it doesn’t really matter what you are, or at least it seems like it doesn’t matter. In the mainstream media, the only views that matter (or seem to) are the extreme left or right.

What does it matter that Hillary Clinton has no clue about how classified documents become classified or that as the primary person in charge of international affairs she doesn’t understand what should or should not be sent over an unsecure email server?

What does it matter that Donald Trump is one of the biggest ego-maniacs in the world and has no true clue as to how the military works or even what the word “tact” means?

Neither of the two main political candidates seem to have a true care for what our country needs. It’s about furthering their personal agendas and keeping their names and images in the news. They are too busy pointing out the flaws in each other and not actually explaining what they plan on doing while they are in office. What happened to policies and campaign platforms?

The media doesn’t care about platforms and policies. They care about the ratings. Which candidate said what about whom, and makes the biggest headline? Who’s foot is in who’s mouth. Where are the news reports on the other 15 or so individuals running in this election? The media doesn’t care about them. They’ve only talked about the ones that have said or done things to make themselves look foolish.

This election is not by or for the people, it’s by and for the media.


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