Am I Right?

Recently, there have been a lot of arguments going around that the United States is a country of immigrants and as such, all immigrants should be welcomed with open arms.

While part of this is true, we are a nation of immigrants, there are certain people that should NOT be allowed in with open arms. Before you say I’m crazy, let’s take a look at these people. There are groups of people that want to do harm to Americans and our way of life. (These people were wanting to harm us long before President Trump.) They have been training to kill us, to take out our infrastructure, and to basically force us to see the world through their eyes and their religions.

No, not all people from outside the U.S. are like this. Not even all people from certain countries are like this. However, there are many who are, and who will think nothing of killing those that do not agree with them. These people have killed thousands of their own countrymen, because they believed differently than they do. This includes other parts of their own religion.

Now if a person, or group of people, are willing to kill their own, what makes anyone think that they wouldn’t be willing to come here and do the same to us?

For anyone who has never been to these countries that are being looked at for the “Muslim Ban”, which is in reality a “Country Ban”, the ability to perform background checks is highly impeded by the lack of a dependable record keeping system. They lack the ability to verify the true birth date, birth place, place of work, place of school, or even where someone actually lived. In order to do this, these countries must send actual PEOPLE with photographs of the person in question and actually talk to the local population to verify the identity and beliefs of the person(s) asking for admittance into our country.

The process here in the U.S. takes days, weeks, and sometimes months to complete and we have extensive documentation of our citizens. The lack of these databases in third world countries can only hinder the process and make it take even more time. Time which I feel should be spent, to verify that a person is who they say they are.

If a person is truly wanting to come to the U.S. they should be willing to uphold and support those checks to prove themselves worthy of coming over and living our way of life.


Lawmaker PORK is bull.

So, we have another Fiscal Year ending and another looming Federal Government shutdown because Congress can’t get together and agree on what needs to be paid for (except their salaries). We have a “Two Party System” that used to work pretty well, because both parties actually wanted what was best for the Country. Now, it seems that the parties only want was is best for themselves.

Let’s look specifically at gun control.

Both parties, and I’m pretty sure most sane people, want a good way to control who is able to purchase a gun. (Let’s not get into the type of gun, that’s not really important at this point.) After every major attack involving guns, the President goes on record that we need Gun Control Reform. Everyone agrees that we need Gun Control Reform, Congress puts forth bills from both parties, through both the House of Representatives and the Senate and yet, all the bills have failed?


The why is easy enough to answer. Both parties want to push their political agendas. Each bill has had the measures that everyone would agree to, however, each bill has also had “PORK.” The “PORK” in some of these bills ranges from NASA funding to Planned Parent hood funding, to funding for Non-Governmental Organizations  (NGOs), and even Non-American groups.

The next question is why add “PORK” to every bill?

This is the question that I can’t answer. Our politicians swear up and down that they are trying to do what’s best for our Country, yet at every turn they do things to sabotage their work. Why are they adding things to a bill about gun control that has no bearing on it? Why try to get funding for Planned Parenthood? What does NASA have to do with gun control? The answers are….. NOTHING.

The Democratic bill writers know that the Republicans won’t pass a bill funding planned parenthood, and the Republicans know that the Democrats won’t pass a bill cutting funds to their programs. So in the end, the only reason to add this “PORK” is to be able to say that the other party doesn’t want gun control. It’s about political posturing. And it needs to stop.

We need our lawmakers to pull their heads out of their Political Parties and write Bills that are about the Bill Title and ONLY about the Bill Title. Maybe then, we can get things accomplished.


A rant about the media.

How do you view yourself? Are you a democrat, Republican, Independent, or one of a hundred other political parties? In todays world, it doesn’t really matter what you are, or at least it seems like it doesn’t matter. In the mainstream media, the only views that matter (or seem to) are the extreme left or right.

What does it matter that Hillary Clinton has no clue about how classified documents become classified or that as the primary person in charge of international affairs she doesn’t understand what should or should not be sent over an unsecure email server?

What does it matter that Donald Trump is one of the biggest ego-maniacs in the world and has no true clue as to how the military works or even what the word “tact” means?

Neither of the two main political candidates seem to have a true care for what our country needs. It’s about furthering their personal agendas and keeping their names and images in the news. They are too busy pointing out the flaws in each other and not actually explaining what they plan on doing while they are in office. What happened to policies and campaign platforms?

The media doesn’t care about platforms and policies. They care about the ratings. Which candidate said what about whom, and makes the biggest headline? Who’s foot is in who’s mouth. Where are the news reports on the other 15 or so individuals running in this election? The media doesn’t care about them. They’ve only talked about the ones that have said or done things to make themselves look foolish.

This election is not by or for the people, it’s by and for the media.